Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh, I'm so lonely :(

So I have two animals in my apartment, William and Mary. Mary is standoffish, has always been standoffish, and would just as soon kill ya as acknowledge your existence. William has always been affectionate(in fact he is furiously headbutting my leg right now). William is also very sick, and likely on his last legs.

William is the reason why I haven't got a dog, and have been borrowing my sisters dog campouts and hikes. Since he had his blood clot brain thing, and been put on the meds, he has been following me from room to room, always staying nearby. When I use the bathroom(peeing) he walks back and forth behind me and now I close the bathroom when I do number two(I live by myself) because he will walk in and lay on the bathroom rug. The cat just cannot stand to be alone, and since Mary is the Bitch Kitty From Hell, I'm his only friend. He does not care for Daisy when she comes over, so I don't think he would adapt well to a dog.

And so, it's just me and the cats.

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Ashley said...

aww that is so sweet of you to hold off on getting a dog (something you really want) out of consideration for an aging pet