Saturday, October 22, 2011

Does anyone else...

...Turn the channel as soon as those Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials air? They cause me to cry pretty badly when I see them.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Driving back from Shenandoah this afternoon(Daisy was laying down in the passenger seat asleep) two cute grits in a Ranger drove up next to me at a stoplight. They caught me checking them out so I said "Daisy! Moo-cows!". Dog jerked up and started out the window, grits make "awwww" face. I may need to keep my sisters dog on permanent retainer.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ugh, man...

...I have a tooth that is bothering me. I'm going to have to set up an appointment with a dentist sometime soon. I'm trying to decide as to whether or not it's worth going over to my Dad's house and getting my Navy Dental Records form my Seabag.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where am I, San Francisco?

So I decided to run down to Shenandoah yesterday to Hazel Falls. This would actually have been the first "real" mountain hike I've done since the start of the year. Bull Run is hilly, and last time I went to Shenandoah we did mostly ridge walking. This was going down to the bottom of the mountains and going back up. While it was overcast in the DC area, by the time we got to Shenandoah there was a thick soup you couldn't see 20 ft ahead of you. I seriously considered turning around and going home, but since I had already driven out there I decided to go forward.

So the two of us hiked on down, and it was super foggy. The soup was terrible. As I was walking I saw something big and black laying about halfway on the trail ahead of my, and I couldn't tell if it was a log or what. I considered the possibility that it was wildlife, when Daisy started whining and parking. The objected got up and shuffled off. It was a bear! Didn't even have time to get my camera out to take a picture. Plenty of others were taken, and the whole forest was quiet and eerie.

Probably a half a mile out we could hear the falls. It sounded like Niagara! When I last came here in September they were just a trickle. Today they were a gushing torrent.

We turned and headed back up. It was much tougher going, and my lack of exercise was really showing. Both me and the dog were pooped out. She pretty much knocked herself out in the backseat on the way back, which is different from her usual "stare outside hoping disperately to see farm animals" SOP.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A new thing to scare myself with.

So, in the search for newer tablet geared apps for my Xoom, I downloaded an App from the Android Market that tells you whenever there is a major(over 4.0 or so) Earthquake in the world. Turns out that the world is very earthquake prone, fortunately I don't live on a fault line. Unfortunately, of the two earthquakes I've felt, one was here in DC.

So, while I probably don't have to worry about a major earthquake killing everyone in the DC area, I do have other things to worry about. More than once a Hurricane or Tropical Storm has veer north. Snowpocalypses. And the ever popular terrorism. Not just regular terrorism, mind you, but considering it's DC we're probably on the short list if someone gets ahold of a nuclear weapon. I've actually pondered it and determined that I would probably be okay if a nuclear bomb went off in the District or at the Pentagon, as my apartment is sufficiently far away and some nutjob is unlikely to get ahold of a truly large nuclear bomb. If I can get the direction of the wind in, say, 30 minutes of the bomb going off I figure I can be out of the area before the rush occurs.

Speaking of apocalyptic problems, I swapped out my cats open top catbox with a closed one. One of the cats is very put out at this, and I've seen her walk up to the enclosed box a few times, come to a complete stop as if she just realized it was there, and very carefully ease her way in. I don't think she likes it, but at least she isn't showing her displeasure by peeing and pooping hither and yon.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Glorious 1st of May

Driving into work last night the radio abruptly informed me that the President was going to make a special address, which was pushed back a few times. By the time the address was officially made the wire services and news agencies were already reporting that Osama bin Laden was dead(although the details varied wildly). Soon Pennsylvania Avenue outside the White House turned into a fair facsimile of Brandenburg Gate in Berlin during the fall of The Wall.

Now, time for me to start pooping on the Parade.

(1)Anyone who says Obama didn't take a great politic risk himself in signing off on this Op is smoking crack. Sending a special forces team into Pakistan, right near where one of our CIA agents got held after fighting off two Pakistani ISI agents? This had the potential to be a huge clusterfuck, and still he signed the order. So mad props to him.

(2)What is different today from yesterday? Well, OBL is dead, but OBL is largely symbolic at this point. Vengeance has been meted out, which is making a lot of people(including myself) feel good about it, but in function AQ of today looks a lot like AQ of yesterday. And you can be sure AQ is going to try something to get revenge while we're doing our Victory Lap.

(3)There is no way, from a Public perspective, that the Pakistanis can still pretend that they are on our side. That the US Government decided to hold the operation so close to our chest and not even inform our "ally" of it until after the shooting was done doesn't bode well. At all. Thanks for nothing Pakistan.

(4)The rapid burial at sea of OBL and lack of photos released is already making the conspiracy theorists froth that OBL wasn't killed. Seeing as Osama was shot in the fucking head, I suspect he may not have been recognizable and any photos the US may have are not really fit for human consumption. Oh well. There are photos of Elvis on the slab in the Morgue and people think he's still alive.

A friend of mine said it best on Facebook:

The Sheikh is dead. Ten years, as dogged as the pursuit of Hannibal after the fall of Carthage. And just as certain.

Ave Imperator.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eye-poppin' mad

So when I came into work last night I sat down, and logged into my mail on the network we support to check server messages. Curiously, we hadn't received any messages for around 5 hrs. I turn to the off-going server person and ask:

Hey, what's with the mail?

She responds:

I didn't notice, I'm not on the message distro list.

She has only recently been read onto the program, so this is plausible and I take her at her word. I log into the mail server in question and see that some of the processes that are suppose to be cycled every shift have not, which causes side effects like server messages not being sent. I mention them to her. She responds:

Oh, I thought G(other evening server person) did that.

(Coincidentally, when I signed in that evening I noted that G had seemingly acquired a time machine and had signed out 20 minutes after I arrived. He wasn't there when I signed in).

So I clear the processes and all is well. She leaves around 0100. When the morning server guy walks in I mention that she isn't on the Distro list for the server messages, he says:

Did you check her mailbox?
He proceeds to check her mailbox size, and lo and behold there are north of 1000 messages in it. She is on the list. Morning Guy decides to check all the management stations in the NOC, and lo and behold she hasn't logged into any of them since Thursday. I was pretty angry, so was Morning Guy. Morning Guy is going to speak to management when they come in.

Tonight should be interesting.