Thursday, December 23, 2010

I don't care who you are...

...But if you haven't seen A Christmas Story you are basically horribly un-American.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Herpes Ferry

Today me and Daisy went to Maryland Heights over Harper's Ferry. For whatever reason, I cannot help but think of what a navy buddy of mine called the USS Harpers Ferry, the "Herpes Ferry". We have a mature wit in the United States Navy.

Anywho, we pulled up to a parking area which was empty save a park ranger Crown Vic, and made our way up the trail. Several things soon became clear:

  1. It was very cold
  2. It was snowing, a little.
  3. I had to pee.

I determined to hold off on the peeing for a bit, but after 2 miles or so in I glanced around, walked 20 ft off the trail, and started to do my business. It was right about after I had whipped Scud out and started that Daisy started to act up, chirping in the manner that she does when she sees another dog(or fox/coyote). As I strain my ears I can hear people talking, then abruptly stopping. Daisy is pulling on the leash so I have one hand holding the dog back(I can hear the hikers walking by in resolute silence) and the other hand on Scud, so to speak. Good times.

Fortunately they were going in the opposite direction so I didn't have to make eye contact.

We got to the overlook, took some pictures, and headed back. I thought to head across into old town, but Daisy froze up as we headed towards the bridge. I guess she recalled that that was the devil bridge where loud CSX trains went by, so we headed home. More or less a successful hike.