Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eye-poppin' mad

So when I came into work last night I sat down, and logged into my mail on the network we support to check server messages. Curiously, we hadn't received any messages for around 5 hrs. I turn to the off-going server person and ask:

Hey, what's with the mail?

She responds:

I didn't notice, I'm not on the message distro list.

She has only recently been read onto the program, so this is plausible and I take her at her word. I log into the mail server in question and see that some of the processes that are suppose to be cycled every shift have not, which causes side effects like server messages not being sent. I mention them to her. She responds:

Oh, I thought G(other evening server person) did that.

(Coincidentally, when I signed in that evening I noted that G had seemingly acquired a time machine and had signed out 20 minutes after I arrived. He wasn't there when I signed in).

So I clear the processes and all is well. She leaves around 0100. When the morning server guy walks in I mention that she isn't on the Distro list for the server messages, he says:

Did you check her mailbox?
He proceeds to check her mailbox size, and lo and behold there are north of 1000 messages in it. She is on the list. Morning Guy decides to check all the management stations in the NOC, and lo and behold she hasn't logged into any of them since Thursday. I was pretty angry, so was Morning Guy. Morning Guy is going to speak to management when they come in.

Tonight should be interesting.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

So I came home from work this morning...

...Just a quick stop off, as I'm heading out to get my car inspected, and I see a doggie wandering around the front of my building. I think I've seen it walked by one of the locals before. I ask a few people who are *going* to work if they know whose doggie it is, but most of my neighbors are Korean and don't seem to talk to me for some reason. Anywho, I use the magic word("Treat!") he comes trotting over, and I inspect the collar. The address isn't local. I call the phone number, which is out of service. Sighing, I take the doggie up and barricade him in the kitchen while I call the property office in a vain hope that it'll be open. To my surprise it is, but it's really the call center for the company, and when I say "maybe you could call the property manager and tell her what's going on, she'll know who this belongs to."

"I'm sorry, it will be against protocol if I call her on her private cell unless there is a building emergency."

"Listen, she loves animals. She won't mind."

"I'm sorry, you're going to have to wait until the office opens." :roll: So now the doggie is hanging out in my kitchen.

His name is Oreo, by the way.

I'm going to miss my appointment.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Xoom Xoom

Got me a handy-dandy Motorola Xoom today. I got the Wi-fi version for couch surfing. So far I am *really* impressed with the build quality of it, and have been loading my music and apps onto it. People say it's heavy, but I haven't really noticed it being that heavy. The music from the speaker sounds good to me, although maybe I don't know what tablets are suppose to sounds like.

(I'm pretty sure these airline passengers are fucked)