Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Summer is here...

Which means that, shortly, all cookery will cease inside and only continue outside on the grill. Which isn't to say that this wasn't the way before(no mere hurricane force winds are going to stop me) but now it's more official.

Cooking on the grill is always preferable to cooking inside, unless you have $5.00 to last till next paycheck, and you have to go Ramen noodle out. In addition, all the relavent food groups are cookable on the grill. Beef, pork, chicken, lamb...even various seafood for you fish-mongers. If you want to get really wild, you can have peppers and make a shish kabob. Get your carbs by soaking some bratwursts in beer for several hours before grilling.

But what kind of sidedish? Well, obviously potatoes of some kind. Whether baked or otherwise. I prefer my baked potatoes to be fairly plain...just salt, pepper, and little bit of butter. But for the rest of you, knock yourselves out.

And fries? There is only one topping to go on fries...and that is Malt Vinegar. Anything else is an abomination.

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