Monday, June 9, 2008

McCain and the VA

There have been some claims that McCain is making $58,000 a year off of the VA on disability. I am forced to say: what the Hell?

Typically when the VA assigns a "percentage" for disability, they'll pick one injury then add another and another. You can get 1% disability if you have a lot of scars on your body after you leave the service, for example. So if you have a seizure and break your back that's another 20%(or whatever). Eventually it adds up to whatever percentage.

Now, supposedly McCain is making 100% disability, which to the VA means "unable to hold a job". This wouldn't be a big deal to me if (1)He wasn't going around talking about how he was as fit as an ox in response to questions about his health/age. (2)He wasn't, as has been pointed out in the link, voting against a GI Bill as "too generous" while he is feeding at the public trough.

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