Thursday, March 11, 2010

New radio in Car

So a few days ago the tape deck died in my car radio(I know, I know). I used the tape deck in order to listen to my iPod or XM radio, so I was mildly cheesed off. I sat around for a few days trying to decide whether or not to bite the bullet and get a new radio head, or wait until whenever I get a new car(which I have defined in my mind as "The weekend afetr the engine falls out on the Beltway).

This morning my boss came in and handed me a AMEX gift card, because I was one of the few people stupid enough that had enough dedication to the mission that came into work during the Snowpocalypse of Feb. 2010. Add this to the Best Buy gift card my little brother gave me for building him a new computer not too dissimiliar from this one I had enough to go ahead and get a new radio plus install. In fact, I got the install done today, and I haven't really had a chance to play with the radio yet. I might need to, as it tends to flash different lights and stuff and maybe I need to set some settings.

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Ashley said...

congrats on your new toy!