Monday, October 25, 2010


So for almost a week now I've been having all-over body aches and a helluva head cold. It's almost flu-like symptoms except I am not nauseous, or at least not persistently(I've noticed that if I suddenly accelerate while driving a mild sense of nausea forms and I never get motion sickness).

I haven't gone to the doctor yet because my PCP retired and my new one won't be "mine" until later in November. Previous experience with my HMO has taught me that even if I go to a doctor in-network it's like pulling teeth to get claims done if it isn't my PCP. So I've been suffering through it and today at work I had such a sense of detachment from the head cold that I decided I needed to get home STAT. Off to bed.

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Ashley said...

Flu is not always accompanied by nausea, so you might have the flu even though you don't think you do. All you can do is rest and take meds to alleviate the symptoms. Get well soon!