Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Forward our Bright and Atomic Future!

As a crazed Paleoconservative Nationalist who thinks the extent of our overseas adventures should be in the Western Hemisphere, nothing is more worrisome to me than our reliance on foreign oil. Specifically, the kind of foreign oil that funds jackholes who crash planes into our buildings.

Which is why I was very pleased to hear that the NRC has received the first submission for a new reactor in decades. Nuclear plants have long been the best,the safest, the most secure, and most independent energy option for the country. The biggest hold up, of course, has been the scaremongers and the cheap oil prices.

The days of cheap oil are drawing to a close, one only has to take a glance at the pumps to verify that. While there are other methods of getting oil, the military and government agencies are going to get first call. Especially when nuclear plants are there to pick up the slack.

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