Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Georgian Nazis!

So apparently immigration found themselves a former concentration camp guard in Georgia(the state, not the country). The fine outstanding gentleman volunteered for the Waffen SS in 1941, which instantly dashed any potential sympathy I might have had for him. For some reason the idea of volunteering to be part of the armed Nazi Party Apparatus strikes me as more than a little worse than being conscripted into the Heer. This hasn't stopped some of the Jackholes at some of the message boards I hang out though. One of them even said that "With such viral bias[against the SS], you're opinion is thus rendered useless." to me because I said "The only appropriate place for a SS volunteer is at the end of a noose." As it stands, the Nazi in question is going to be deported.

Speaking of killing Nazis, the expansion for Company of Heroes is out, and I'm enjoying the gameplay quite a bit. Relic really outdid themselves with the "How often can we make you punch in a registration key" mission right when you run the game for the first time. The rest is gravy.

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