Friday, February 15, 2008

To the Asshole in the white Excursion.

Traveling back from "Jumper" at Tyson's Corner(it sucks by the way, don't see it) I nearly got ran off the road on 495.

Actually, nothing "nearly" about it. I came up on the ramp to 66 West(I had been traveling behind a semi, yet I had no problem seeing the "EXIT HERE" sign for 66), got on the ramp, and some asshole in a white Excursion, comes from in front of the Semi, across the "It's too damn late to merge into the ramp" corner white lines, and forces his way onto the ramp, and drives me off into the shoulder(such as it is, more like the worn asphalt by the giant sound barrier), and the asshat guns it. In this whole process I hit a big thump and the XM Radio dies. When I get back I swap out my Garmin/iPod AC adapter...nothing, the power outlets in the dashboard and in the trunk are completely fucking dead. I must have a blown fuse or something somewhere. I'll have to check tomorrow.

Damnit I'm pissed. If the driver who did this happens to read this, I hope you get run over by a train.

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