Thursday, July 16, 2009

Apple whines about "Notebook hunter" ads to Microsoft.

I am not sure how true this is, I can't imagine the COO of Microsoft out and out lying about the phone call. If so, then the mantra of "cheaper, much cheaper!" must be finally sinking in. There are really only two types of people who buy Macs: Folks who are Apple Cultists and will buy it anyway, and those who don't know enough about the platform(or technology) and buy it because it's "cool" and "reliable", without looking too closely at what exactly is meant by reliable.

Hilariously, I've read some Apple Cultists leave comments on websites that have these stories making my point that, well, it's a cult. Making claims that the reason why PCs are cheaper is because they throttle back on only 256MB of RAM(I wonder where the hell he saw a PC advertised for that little RAM. Netbooks with XP go for 1 GB). In one other instance one fine specimen of consumer awareness boasted that for $1500 you could rock a 13.1' Screen with a Nvidia 9400MS, and it "beats out any PC for the price." I'm staring at a Gateway laptop with a 17" Screen and 9800 selling for $900, which just goes to show how out of touch Mac users are with reality.

It's a cult, people. A cult!


Ashley said...

Do people really say this? I thought the two most common reasons to get a Mac are (1) Unlike PCs, a Mac will never get a virus and (2) it's easier to use.

GruntyGinMan said...

(1)Macs are just as susceptible to a virus as PCs. There are less viruses out there for Macs than there are for PCs, but a PC running updated security software is just as secure as a Mac running updated security software(and if you flat out ask Apple if they recommend not running a security software, they will recommend running security software).

(2)How are Macs easier? I suppose they are "neat", but by an large people find Windows easier to use...if only because that's what they grew up with!