Monday, July 6, 2009

Fantastic Day

I've been afflicted with a stuffed up nose and sore throat since Thursday, but no aches or pains. Using the internet, I've determined that I'm either suffering from some kind of allergic reaction, a cold, or Dengue Fever. I think Dengue Fever is a better conversation piece.

On the stretch of 1-495("The Beltway" to non DC folks) between the I-95 spur and Braddock Road exit there were about a gazillion Styrofoam plates spread out on the highway. Traffic was at a complete standstill going the other direction, maybe plastic forks and knives were on the road there.

At least the bitch didn't set me up, like she did to poor Marion Berry again today. It baffles the hell out of me that this guy still holds a public office.

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